Shep Qalib

I slowed in wonder as I drove past the resort. It was stunningly beautiful. The sea sparkled expectantly behind the smooth, gleaming glass of the hotel itself. All kinds of different sports areas spread out on the land surrounding the main building. People were playing football, frisbee, tennis, badminton, volleyball and a variety of other games as well. Little kids ran around happily in the sand of the beach, weaving between the sunbathers as they strove to catch eachother.

I took the turn-off and slowed down even more as nervousness and a general malaise settled on me. This was the first time ever that my family wasn’t here with me, would the people here like me? They would probably shun me just because I’m Middle Eastern, and as everyone knows, anyone from the Middle East is a terrorist. Everyone always seemed to think that too. It is such a sad misconception. I’ve never done anything even remotely related to terrorist activities ever in my life. I’ve never even considered it! Yet still people continue to suspect me.

A horn blared behind me, causing me to cringe heavily. I quickly sped the car up again and let out a sigh. Whatever, I was here to enjoy myeself and I was not going to let anyone mess this up. Mom and Dad had said this would be a good experience for me; it would prepare me to be on my own in university. I was going to make them proud. I can do this on my own. All to soon, I pulled up into the parking lot and found a free spot. I locked the car doors and then headed to the hotel reception.

“Hello, may I help you?” asked a young blonde at the reception desk.

“Yes,” I replied, “I’ve reserved a room here…”

“Name please?”

“Shep. Shep Qalib.”

“Can you spell your last name out please sir?” she asked politely as she began typing on a small keyboard.

“Q-A-L-I-B.” I replied.

The lady hit the enter key and then paused for a second as her eyes scanned a computer screen hidden under counter. “Yes, your room is room 36, it’s on ground floor with a view of the sea; here are your keys sir.”

After taking my keys and thanking her, I picked up my luggage and headed down a hallway to my room. There hadn’t been many people in the reception area, I guess they were all outside, enjoying the perfect, sunny weather. Soon I would be out on the beach as well, with a good book nestled comfortably in my hands. Yeah, I know Mom and Dad would have dissaproved, but I wasn’t about to just go up to some random person playing football and just say, “Hey, you guys need an extra player?” even if I was the best player on the team at school.

The End

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