A break in the code

Dilip took in gusts of air and let out a sigh of relief as he roamed around the beautiful place. 'Aha, fresh air and exciting scenery,' he thought, whopping in his own mind. 

 If you have met someone very tall with a strong physique; someone who is humorous, lively; someone who keeps the air around him lively and yeah, of course someone with a very very strange accent, it probably is Dilip. He was so good at debates and other elocution skills that, colleagues back at his office, in fact used his name as a verb ( i.e.,"he Diliped me" would mean, he rendered me speechless). By the way, he was by profession a software engineer working in Google, Bangalore. His incessant coding work had rendered him exhausted; and here he was - to Protagonize, about which he had heard so much. 

Dilip could hear the continuos gossip of two teenage girls who were chatting restlessly yards away from him. From what he had heard, they were talking about shampoos and shoes which he guessed did not have even remote similarities between them. Dilip chose to ignore them.

Just then, he saw a little girl dancing around to her own song. He thought he could tease her a bit.

'Hey, kid. What's your name?' Dilip dragged.
'Kymberley,' she almost screamed, 'what's with your weird accent and why are you half-black?' she asked, innocently.
'Cigarettes happened!' he said in an artificial tone and looking straight into her eyes, whispered - 'Smoking is bad eh?' 

Kymberley trotted away humming a self-composed 'Smoking is bad' song merrily and happily leaving a smiling Dilip behid. 


The End

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