Sparks Fly

As I relaxed on my towel, allowing the suns rays to warm my body i spotted a rather cute looking boy of about my age.

I peered over my sunglasses at him, he was cute! he had short brown - blonde hair and crystal blue eyes

i watched him for a while running up and down the beach after a beach ball, then getting bored i reached for my book.

As i was turning the page of my book, dying to know what happened next something soft rolled into me, i grabbed my bookmark and placed my book by my side.

I found that shadow had loomed over me and i looked up, it was him!

"Is this yours? i asked holding the ball out to him

"Yeah, thanks erm"

"Kymberley" I said quickly

"What a beautiful name my name is Menopolos"

"Wow thats unusual, its nice" i said smiling

"Listen i am going to get an icecream, want to come with me?"

"I'd love to" i said grinning

The End

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