Menopolos has arrived

My father tugged at the harnesses and our mighty stallions drew to a hault just on the point where the golden sand met the grassy campsite. I gasped in amazement when I jumped off the chariot. Whilst we were staying in a home made tent some men found comfort in giant metal machines with wheels like a chariot but no horse

"Mother what is that?" I asked curiously drawing my sword in anticipation

"It's a caravan. You sleep and travel in it" This was all new to me so I ran off to the beach to explore more and my jaw dropped at this sight. It was good enough there was crazy things as well but topless men as well. People were riding bananas and rings in the water or gliding from great heights. As a Greek soldier I was encouraged in the army to like men. It was supposed to make me a good soldier. Thank goodness it worked on me. I was in heaven. I also liked women and preferred them so when I saw a female looking out at the men I made my move.

But someone tripped over her and the two began giggling

"Nobody steals my women" I growled under my breath before advancing on this foe.  

The End

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