Holiday Conquest

Holiday Resort. I had been invited by my best mates to spend my summer in the beach. I arrived just yesterday and I felt at home by now. My physique make me blend and stand out compared to my peers. This was heaven in comparison to university life. Hunks and girls in bikini crowded the reception area, showing off the bodies they had been working out throughout the year. I could judge by their appearance that it had worked out.The sun had done great favours to their golden tan skins.

I had a white polo shirt and brown bermudas, my flip flops provided me a casual look. I ran my hand through my golden hair, giving an innocent smile to every female passerby. Yes, here is where I belong. I hadn't had the opportunity to go to the beach just yet, I slept all day yesterday. Anybody would after a five hours flight.

I was siting in a couch, comfortably reading a travel magazine. "Reading" for me meant scanning the pages for sculptural beauties in few garments (a.k.a. bikinis).

Just then a gust of wind brought me back from my daydreams. I looked up, watching a girl with long auburn hair, green shirt, and purple short entering the resort. She only had a handbag with her. She was different from all the others girls, she provided a challenge. You had to walk past the couches to get to the reception area.

I dropped the magazine, laid back on the couch, and gave her a cocky smile. The smile that had disarmed so many college girls consisted of a half grin and giving bright to my sparkling deep blue eyes.

We made eye contact for a second, before she turn her head uninterested. She stride toward the reception desk. My mouth dropped open, speechless, in utter disbelief. I sat up straight in the couch and look back at her. She was sliding her card while the receptionist handed her a key to her room.

"Buddy, you have been totally ignored," my best mate, Jason said. He had just entered the room and saw my failure at engaging a girl in conversation. "Man, you do have problems, you like everything that walks with a skirt."

I sighed, "I won't give up. I will make this summer unforgettable to her, just the way only I, Davien Stuart, know how. She will be my next conquest."

The End

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