The sun felt warm on my bare legs as I lay on my towel on the beach, my book in front of me.  There was sand creeping into the spine of the book and I ran my finger down the spine to get it out, but only succeeding in pushing it further in.

I sighed, closing my book and rolling over onto my back so I was facing the blue sky.  My big sunglasses hid most of the sun's rays, but I still had to squint because it was so bright.  I love summer, I love the warm weather, the lazy days spent on the beach and watching cute boys.  From a distance of course.  I wouldn't want them to know I was looking, that would just be embarrassing.

I allowed myself to doze, not paying any attention to anything that was going on around me.  Probably a bad idea, as the next thing I knew, someone had tripped over me and was sprawling in the sand next to me.

'I am so sorry!'

'That's fine,' I said, immediately hiding behind my hair so they couldn't see my face flushing.  'I'm alright honestly.'

'But I should have been looking where I was going,' the male voice said very apologetically.

'Please don't apologise,' I said, lifting my head to look at whoever it was that had tripped over me, 'it's...fine.'

The End

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