Zombies. Everywhere.

I was in a car, with my mum, dad, brother and cats. Wait, what were my cats doing here? Oh well. 

'Drive!' I instructed my mum.

'But I can't just leave the house.'

'Mum!' I protested. 'They're closing in, come on!'

Everywhere I looked, hungry mouths hissed at me, bloodstained teeth snapped at me. Corpses staggered sluggishly towards us, arms outstretched.

And then we were no longer in the car. We were back in the house.

It didn't register to me at that point that that was impossible. 


A voice sounded somewhere inside my mind. I looked up, confused. Where was it coming from? Light flooded the room and I felt a chill on my legs. Stuck in the realm between sleep and reality, my arms fumbled for my duvet and I attempted to throw it back over me, but something tugged it back.

'Wake up.'

I forced my eyes open, all zombies and cats disappearing from my mind. 

'What time is it?' I mumbled.

'Seven o clock,' mother replied happily. 

'Seven?' I protested, my voice thick with sleep. 'It's the holidays!' 

'Yes but remember that boarding academy we signed you up for?'

'Oh!' I cried out, pulling the pillow over my head. 'I forgot about that...'

'How can you forget? You've been looking forward to it for ages!'

The truth was, I'd only signed up to please my parents. Don't get me wrong, it had looked appealing at the time, but I didn't fancy spending my entire summer in yet another school. It had crept closer faster than I thought possible. It had only seemed like yesterday that I'd signed up and now here I was, facing it head on.

'Okay, I'm awake...'

The End

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