I leaned back against the soft patterns on the black leather sofa, my eyelids drooping. It was seven in the morning, quite early for a girl to wake up during her summer vacation and I hated it when my parents came barging into my room and poured ice cold water over my face. Right now, I had a feeling they were about to do the same.

"Anna-Maria! You wake up right this minute!" I heard a distance voice yell at me. My response to it was a groan.

That was when I felt the massive effect of a pillow being thrown at my face with large force. Jeez, can't a girl sleep in peace?

"How many times have I told you to wake up early?!"

"But ma....this is a vacation. It's my job to sleep in. Cause that's what kids do," I whined but my mom didn't have the patience to listen.

"You get up right now, refresh yourself and start studying. You might as well as do something useful this vacation."

Once my parents were both out of sight, I dropped back on the couch and turned on the TV, fuming. This is so unfair. It's against the law to force a poor child to study during her vacation time...well maybe it isn't but it's against mine. Flicking through the boring channels, I felt myself get more furious with each second until my eyes fell on the advertisement that was playing.

"Have you ever wished to be in a world where you can write, write and keep on writing without any obstacles in your way? Then join the Protagonist Boarding Academy! It's free of charge and you have many others just like you staying there in the well furnished residential blocks! Make friends who share the same dreams as yourself, experience a world where you don't have to care about exams and mid-terms and most of all...write away!"

The woman speaking faded away as they started showing a reality program about a few animals but my mind was elsewhere to pay attention to what it was. That school they mentioned...sounded like it was meant for me.

I jumped off the sofa and made a run towards my room. I heard my dad yell something at me for finally getting on a move but I didn't really care. I was too busy taking out all my clothes from my wardrobe and packing everything i thought I'd need during my stay in the academy.

I was going to run away from home. Tonight.

The End

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