Kayla: First encounter

I gasped when I heard Xenia's words. These were the people I'd read about. I bit my lip and took a step back and moved slightly over to cower behind Callam. My hand instinctively moved towards my pocket and wrapped around the pokeball in there, slowly running my finger around the edges of the button. I knew, if it came down to a battle, Oshawott would be the main fighter - Callam's Tepig and Xenia's Snivy were still injured from the earlier battle.

The man moved forward and looked down at us, sniffing disgustedly. I moved closer to Callam and whimpered softly, intimidated by Team Plasma. I had heard terrible stories about these people and I didn't want them to get hold of Oshawott so soon.

Callam took a step forward and stood next to Xenia, while I continued to cower behind the two of them. "W-what are you doing?" I whispered tentatively at Callam, who narrowed his eyes at the man. The man chuckled at him.

"Drop it, kid. You can't intimidate us." he chuckled heartily and his companion smirked at us. I looked over to Xenia, who's hand was also settled in her pocket where I assumed the pokeball containing Snivy was.

I took a deep breath and stood on her other side, my hands shaking and heart hammering hard against my chest. "There's three of us and two of you," I quietly mentioned, my voice high and cracking slightly due to my nervousness.

The man sneered at us and shook his head, "I'm stronger than the three of you put together," he announced arrogantly.

The End

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