Callam: Plasma

"That was some great battling there" Juniper announced, clapping her hands, "but its time you three set off. The suns setting soon and other trainers are well on their way"

"Other trainers" I asked with confusion.

"You're not the only rookies, just the other day I sent a boy on his way with an Oshawott, he must be near Nacrene City by now"

"I've got some catching up to do!" I gasped in panic. I didn't want to waste time and be late for the Unova League Championships. It was my dream to be crowned Champion and defeat Alder.

"Accumula Town is the closest town from here" Juniper informed

"And the first gym is in Striaton City!" I interrupted. I'd been researching all the gym leaders and cities. Striaton City had three gym leaders, more than any other town or city. It was all so exciting, in that moment I waved goodbye to Juniper, said farewell to my parents and set off, Kayla and Xenia close by.

"We're going to have so much fun on our adventure!" Kayla cheered "I can't wait to catch a-

"You'll be catching nothing missy!" a vicious voice snarled. We all shivered in fright. Only a few steps away from home and we were already in trouble. "Catching pokemon is cruel and barbaric. They deserve to be free!"

This radical wore what resembles medieval knightwear and had an emblem printed on his gown. I couldn't recognise the organisation and neither could Kayla. Xenia looked the most worried. All he could muster were two words

"Team Plasma" 

The End

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