Xenia - First Battle

"Alright Callum. I'll battle you!" I couldn't wait to test out my Snivy's moves. 

"Awesome!" Callum beamed. We rushed outside, Kayla following. 

"Go, Snivy! I choose you!" I yelled, and Snivy leaped onto the battle field that had been painted on the ground. 

"Go Tepig!" Callum called, and Tepig bounced onto the field, looking cute and energetic. This was going to be tough. Snivy was at a natural disadvantage going against Tepig, but I was confident Snivy was fast enough to dodge the attacks. 

"Alright, lets get started. Snivy, use tackle!" I called. Snivy rushed toward Tepig. 

"Tepig! Dodge it!" Callum called, but the poor pokemon was frozen on the spot, unable to move. Snivy smashed into it, sending it flying. "No! Tepig! Get up!" He yelled. Tepig struggled to its feet. "Use Ember!" 

I gulped as the flames shot toward Snivy. 

"Dodge it!" I called, but Snivy was not quite fast enough. Its right side was badly singed. "Hang in there Snivy! Use vine whip!" Snivy shot out its vines, pulling Tepig into a tight bind. "Alright, now use tackle!" I yelled, just as Callum yelled:

"Quick Tepig, ember!" The two pokemon flew apart, hitting the ground. 

"Both Snivy and Tepig are unable to battle. The Battle is a draw." Kayla called in an official sounding voice. I laughed. 

"Imitating the referees, huh Kay-kay?" I called. She just smiled. "Snivy, return!" I said, pressing the button on its pokeball. "You did a great job out there. We're a great team. We'll go far, I can tell." I murmured. 

My pokemon adventure. Starting at last! 

The End

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