Protag Pokemon Adventures

The adventures of three budding Protagonizing Pokemon Trainers travel the pokemon the world, to become the very best.

This world is full of amazing creatures, each one unique and each one brilliant. These creatures are called Pokemon. They lives in skies and the seas, the ground and the trees. Trainers who want to be the very best, like no-one ever was, catch them because training them is their cause. When a pokemon is caught strong bonds are made between trainer and pokemon. Rookie Trainers experience this for the first time with their starter pokemon. Coincidentely, just that is happening for three budding trainers in Nuvema Town.


Professor Juniper opened the labratory door and smiled down at our beaming faces. "You must be our starting trainers" she smiled. She opened the door wider and allowed us in to see the trio of pokeballs perched on his worktop.

"Go pokemon!" she exclaimed throwing the pokeballs in the air. I'd practiced for years with an apple or tennis ball, now I could do it for real.

"Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott!" the Unova starter pokemon. All three cried out in joy, especially Oshawott and Tepig. Snivy were known for their maturity and high standards. I'd been researching pokemon for weeks and there was only one pokemon I wanted to start my journey with. The fire pig pokemon squealed in joy as I picked it up.

"Hello Tepig, I'm Callam, together we're going to win the Unova League." Tepig clearly agreed with me. I heard the Oshawott scream in joy, which meant someone had picked it. "Kayla, you picked Oshawott!"

"I just love water types!" she beamed holding her otter close to her. "That means Snivy gets..."

"Come here Snivy!" Xenia commanded in her most impressive voice. The snivy smiled and launched itself onto her. We all had our starter pokemon, and we were all about to start our amazing journies together.

"Let's have a battle!" I cheered. 

The End

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