Miranda: Cause and effect of a dirty lookMature

Miranda walked down the hall to notice that a boy in a hood was arguing with a girl, who use-to probablly be his girl friend. " You jerk" was all the girl could say. The boy,  starting to bad mouth now, slaped her.

Miranda wittnissed them fight for sevral minitus, not knowing wether to say "Hello, what in gods name are you doing" or to get a staff member, so she waited with her mouth wide open.

Finnally, they stoped and the girl stormed into her room, wall the boy stood there laughing at his eneimes retrete. 

Miranda walked by and gave the boy a dirty look and mouthed "Sicko" then walked away.

Miranda returned to her dorm room and was about to use her phone to call the staff, when the same dude from the hall ran in and pulled the drowers from her dresser and demolished anything break-able in sight. Then he ran out with out saying a word.

The End

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