i walked down the hallway to the control room,i needed some time to myself and nobody but me was aloud in the control room.of course right when i got th the door and was about to open it someone said my name.

"Aza"the voice called out that voice, i would know it anywhere even in my sleep.i smiled as i  turned around to look at Hunter,staring into his beautiful green eyes,those beautiful green eyes that where pure green with no specks of blue,gray,black,brown, or any other color in heart melted and i got all fluttery inside my stomach.

"Hunter''i said as if i had just run around the world 1000 times (which i had tried and could do,even though a full vampire couldn't do it),he pulled me into a hug YES,HE FINALY HUGED ME! i thought as he released me form the hug(i was blushing like crazy) and said "i have been wanting to do that since the 1st time i have seen your beautiful face",now my heart was going so fast it was like it was 1 long beat bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it said never ending never pausing,then i did something i have not done since i was a little girl (which was a LONG time ago)...i giggled it  shocked me so much i giggled again.i i shocked myself again and apparently Hunter to because it took him a sec to respond...wait I'm getting ahead of myself...what shocked us is that i kissed him!!!!

then we where flying threw the air away from each other i heard Hunter say"what the hell" and i said "shit" as i hit the door to the control room...i looked up to see what had happened and said "shit" was Hunters ex-girlfriend ,Rose,oh how i hated her how she had clung to Hunter and kissed him and looked at hem as he didn't have any cloths on when they where together,and when Hunter dumped her 3 months ago she had started stalking him and sneaking into his room at night and him yelling at her telling her it was over and that she was crazy,which happened almost every night and my room was right next to Hunters so i heard it all,and now here she was standing over me saying"what the hell do you think your doing with my boyfriend"i snapped and rip i changed now i was a huge black wolf towering over the stupid blond hair blue eyed vampire girl,i growled,she cowered back,i barked a laugh and she ran off at top vampire speed.i looked at Hunter then at my room which was next to the control room,he laughed and opened the door for me then closed it so i could change back and put some cloths on.i changed back and went to my walk in closet,opened a drawer and got some black panties and a black bra on then got one of my black leather tops and put that on then some black leather pants on some black socks and black boots on,and was super happy that me necklace changed with me because it helps me control my powers and because it's is beautiful with its black chain and its star garnet gemstone.

i walked to the door and let Hunter in and the 1st words out of my mouth is " i love you,Hunter,forever and always!"

Hunter stared at me with  a shocked expression on his face...oh no,i came on to fast,he doesn't love me...oh,i am such an idiot,i have never loved anyone before...he's probably gonna tell me I'm crazy,like Rose,shit,shit,shit those thought went threw my head before i remembered he could read minds then i thought i need Blaze! ''ummm,excuse me!" i said and ran to Blazes room,but Blaze wasn't there so i sat on her bed and waited for her to come back,and wile i wanted i cried,for the 1st time since i was 3 and saw my mummy and daddy get killed by Slayers right in front of me(i never understood why the Slayers didn't kill me,but when i turned 16 i went after them and killed them all vowing never to cry again...well i guess i broke that vow) after a little wile i heard the door open and Blazes voice say "Azabel whats wrong?" and a hand touch my shoulder gently...

The End

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