Blaze:"Hi, can we talk?"Mature

"O'my Blaze, where have you been?" Catherina hovered over me.

"Stuff. Not talking about it." I told her though my teeth, I glared around the room looking for either Ben or Paul.

"There not here, but Kelly free." She gestured towards the 30 summit year old. I glowed again under my breath before walking over to her. Of course I was still pissed at Azabel and Nathan didn't help things.

"Hello Blaze." Kelly greeted me as I sat next to her. Kelly wasn't so bad, but the donors just loved all of us. The older ones like Kelly did anyway, they loved our bites just as much as we loved drinking from them. I didn't even bother saying hello.

My teeth just sunk it to her neck. I didn't realise how thirsty I really was, her blood was good but not as good as Ben or Pauls would have been. Ben and Paul where only 19, so they blood was always fresh and good. It also helped that they were male. When I did finish Kelly was already out of it. I suddenly noticed another girl in here, Miranda. I did feel sort of sorry for the girl. Everyone knew about her parents. Poor girl.

I headed down the corridor not really caring where I was going. Classes had finished for the day. My foot suddenly stud on something, I bent down to pick it up. It was a moonstone pendant in the shape of a crescent moon, it was pretty. I knew who's it was too, someone who like me had some serious stuff going on. I change direction and headed towards her door. When I did find her door I stopped. Should I go knock or just wait to give it to Azabel pretending not to know whose it is? I sighed then I knocked the door awaiting to see what creature she was going to be.

"Yes?" She called. Through her door.

"Sandy, can I come in please. I have something for you." I told the door.

"Can't you come back later? I. I'm a little bit busy at the moment." She replied to me  

"Please Sandy. I know we don't really speck to each other. But. I. Need to tell someone. And I. I." I stuttered out to her. I could feel tears coming again. Grr. I hated this. Her door opened and she looked at me with bright golden eyes.

"Jezz, Blaze what's up with you? Here come in." She touched my shoulder and led me into her room, sitting next to me on her bed.    

The End

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