Blaze: Please...Mature

"Do you need any assistance, Azabel"? A voice suddenly said. The person to the voice appeared round the corner to reveal himself. My thirsty eyes gazed over the  blonde haired, muscle guy. His navy blue eyes looking fairly amused at the scene before him.

"O' Nathan, everything fine. I'm just trying to sort Blaze out." Azabel replied calmly to him. Nathan was another teenager like me on this plane. A vampire.

"Well, Blaze can have her moments." Nathan chuckled smiling down at me. I snarled at him, still pinned to the floor by Azabel strong grip on my arms.

"Well if you need any help. Holding her down, watching over her. Feel free to call." Nathan offered. I tried to break free off Azabel; I yearned to rip his throat out. He must have seen that in my face, because he walked off casually whistling as he made his way to his room.

"Blaze"? Azabel asked quietly. I looked at her, only then did I realise that she must have used her flaming power over me. It was hard to hold back a growl was building in my throat.

"Please Azabel" I begged "Don't tell anyone. Just keep it to your self. Please. I can't bare everyone knowing about me." I whispered to her pleading to her.

She looked at me with those black amend shape eyes, thinking over her answer. She got off me then but held my right hand; her fingers touched the bracelet carefully.

"This was your mothers." It wasn't a question but I answered her anyway.

"Apparently so. Are you? Are you going to say anything"? I asked again.

She took her hand away. Azabel looked at the pieces of my door on the floor.

"You better sort this door out. When you wear your bracelet, well from what I've heard. It can help you with your powers." She turned away from me and started to walk down the hallway.

"Azabel"? My voice managed to get out. I was barely breathing.

She turned to look at me then. "You're secret safe with me" Then she winked at me, before she walked away she suddenly added. "O' go and feed will you Blaze."








The End

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