Blaze:Like a real vampire.Mature

"Blaze open up, or ill make you open up!" Azabel yelled through my closed door. I growled in response under my breath. Why can't anyone take a hint and leave me alone. I was still curled up on my bed. My tears had stopped now, leaving watery red eyes.

"NO"! I replied to her my voice filled with anger. I knew that she was worried about me. But I wouldn't let her get close to me. I wasn't close to anyone. I had a few friends here. But, I wouldn't let them in. I always kept my guard up around people.

 "Okay, you brought this upon your self" Azabel said. She wouldn't dare use her dam power against me. There was sudden loud ‘Bang' against my door; my natural instincts suddenly took over my body then. I sprang from my bed into a hunter's crouch, facing my door. I could feel my teeth becoming sharper, harder. I didn't have fangs like my father, probably due to me being a witch. I could also feel a growl coming up my dry throat.

"Back off, Azabel"! I snarled at the door. Any minute now that door would open, she would want answers as to why I was locking myself away. I knew my letter was safe, locked away. She can't know that I'm half breed, I won't let her. I thought of the letter then, thinking about the bracelet. Suddenly, the bracelet appeared on my right wrist. ‘What the'?

"Last time Blaze, open up or the door comes off." She threatened. "I only want to see that you're alright." She added in a quieter voice.

 "I'm fine, Azabel. Just leave me alone." I hissed back at the door. There was another bang at the door again. I braced myself in my hunter's crouch, hands like claws, hissing and snarling. My lip curled back, showing my sharp white teeth. My eyes near enough black with thirst, the red rings, made my eyes look even more fears. Like a real vampire.        

The End

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