I needed to feed. My body earned for the taste blood. My eyes, which are normally violet, would be a darker purple almost black. But I could barely move. For 2 long days I hadn't been out of my room. I refused to speck to anyone. Not even Azabel, who pretty much has power over all of us. Us the other teenagers on this plane.

The reason for me being like this was because; I received a letter from my father. My vampire father that was. In this letter he told me the family secret, that effect me now that I was 17. Why I could sometimes do strange things. I took the letter out of the envelope, with my long sharp painted dark blue nails. My eyes scanned over the familiar letter that I had read over and over.

Dear Blaze,

This is hard from me to tell you but, your old enough now to handle it, all of it. Your mother was a witch. You have the blood of a witch in you, as well as the instincts of a vampire. I guess you could say your half vampire, half witch.

I know this might be a shock for you, then again it might not. This bracelet was your mothers. She would want you to have it. Also, the bracelet apparently has some kind of power in it, which helps you with your powers. I am afraid I don't know a lot, about the power of what witches can do. But I am sure that you will find out along the way.

Believe in your self. Dad.

My tears dropped without warning on to the letter. I had the bracelet in my hand. I felt angry and upset. How dare my farther tell me this now? Annoyed I threw my bracelet across my room. And it landed with a small Thud. Curled put in a ball, I let my tears fall from my dark thirsty eyes.

The End

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