Protag PlaneMature

this plane goes on forever and it never lands it also has no space limit as in the plane can be as big as it needs to be.

Hello, my name is Azabel and i am the plane pilot and my plane never lands never gets full and we never run outta food or blood or any other things u need to live,we also have rooms in my plane like a dorm and a lounge and i have an autopilot so i can talk to my passengers.

i have black hair,eyes,make up and clothes and super pale skin and i am a werewolf/vampire and i have to drink human (donated) blood to live and I'm single and i think one of the dudes( he is a vampire) on my plane like me.

right now I'm teaching all the kids and teens in the lounge (BTW i am a teacher also).

"Sandy,were is blaze"i asked one of my best students that are 14.

"idk,Aza,maybe you should go find her"sandy said.i knew that she just wanted to be let out early so i gave her her wish.

'alright,class is dismessed!"i said in a happy voice becase i realy did not like teaching ''history" becase i was there when it happened and didnt like telling people about it but i loved thes children exspecley blaze so off i went to blazes room. 

The End

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