I sat on my chair just watching the stars. The breeze brushed my face and I sucked in a breath. The beach had been busy today. Some guy had hit a girl with his bike and then got mugged a little later. I had seen various groups moving around but generally ignored them. I have never ever been good at talking to people. I had come alone just to listen to the waves and observe the natural beauty of the beach.

After awhile I realized I heard music. I twisted my head around to see a girl playing her guitar on a rock. I listened to the music, closing my eyes to feel the full effect. It was very soothing. I had never been able to play instruments very well but that hadnt diminished my love for music.

 I heard voices and laughter coming closer but, as I had the whole day, ignored it. I closed my eyes, wrapping myself in the music once again. The voices got closer and then I felt myself being tipped over onto the ground. The chair was crushing the breath out of my lungs and I yelled for whoever it was to GET OFF!

The End

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