I'm not too good with parties, especially not with new people, but I look at my new friends and smile warmly.

"Come on then." I say and run up to the door. I knock and wait, a sudden wave of dread fills me. I sigha nd look at my feet. I wish my mates, Eithne and Rachel, were here but they wanted to go shopping tomorrow early. And I know that I would want to go to the beach for a while after I leave here and I won't be too happy about getting up early.

Rachel was annoyed at me, I could see that but I know she'll be okay once I make her laugh again. That's always the way things are.

The door suddenly bursts open, sending bursts of music right at us. I smile shyly at the girl at the door.

"Hellllo, come on in." She says with a smile. I swallow deeply. Please, oh please, don't mess this up. I sigh and walk inside, trying not to fall over my own feet like I know I will.

The End

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