Anna: Thinkin' Back On The DayMature

More people were starting to show up; to get the party on, perhaps. I introduced my new pal to Andrew and his friends but we soon left them and started hanging out. We weren’t really talking to each other as much but I finally had to get the conversation started.

“I’m Anna. I came to the beach earlier on today and got invited to the party tonight. And well…here I am.”

She smiled at me and she was a silent for a few minutes. I thought she wasn’t going to talk to me as we continued our little walk along the shores of the beach. But she did.

“I’m Lindsay…I came to the beach because, well…it’s very calm here and I guess it’s one of the best places to play my music.”

“Definitely”, I said with a grin.




Me and Lindsay hung out a bit more. The party hadn’t quite started yet and I didn’t know what exactly to expect when it did. Lindsay left saying she had something to do and that she’d come back when the party started. So saying goodbye to her, I hoped I’d make another friend today. I’d been feeling lonely the past few days; and had done some soul-searching. And I guess I came to the beach for help. It had in store for me, lots of surprised. I’d met Victoria, Hayley, Simon and his friends, and just a few moments ago, enjoyed the sunset with a new companion while enjoying the sound of music. Who was going to be next?

Hopefully, someone who needed a miracle.

The End

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