Leya: AshesMature

By the time the sun had given up its struggle and let the horizon take hold, when the stellar painting of stars had begun to seep through the blackness falling overhead, we had risen from our slumber and emerged into reality.

The beaches were breathtaking at night, when the water seemed to beckon ever so peacefully, when the waves collided with the shore and left shivers running up and down my spine. Beside me on the sand, Pan was taking a lengthy hit on a joint, holding the smoke in for as long as he could before he exhaled it slowly, the tendrils mingling with the salt in the air.

Most of the poeple had long since abandoned the shores, leaving the silence to set me free. Lately I'd been feeling down. Lately it had been harder to resist the sweet summoning of the razor's kiss.

Pan gave me that look that only he could give, the one that said he understood. He'd seen me through everything, and I knew there was no way that I could ever repay him for it. Instead I only gave him a pitiful smile, so fake, so forced. The I adverted my grey-green eyes back out to the stars.

"Wanna do something?" Pan offered me. "I'm sure there's a party somewhere. We could try to score something." I only shrugged. I wasnt really in a partying mood that night. Or any night, as of late.

The morning would bring with it a second chance, as every morning did. Another day to make it right, to make it count. To pick up the phone and dial that goddamn number. To say I was sorry.

I'd never believed in miracles. I should have known better.

The End

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