A girl, about the same age as I, came and seated herself upon the rock beside me. At first, I never even noticed her, I was too bust staring at nothing, thinking up a blank and just listening to my guitar. I didn't never feel my fingers moving from string to string, or changing frets, I was just in a daze.

I finally came to, the sound of her humming pulling me out of my world that was pretty much composed of nothing. She smiled at me and explained to me about how she couldn't help singing along to my music. I just nodded and felt a smile pull at my lips.

I'm not much of a talkative person, and I think she understood that. So I slipped back into my place of nowhere land again and continued playing. She had a nice voice, even if she wasn't singing, just humming. Which, would have been impossible unless she was making up her own lyrics as she went.

Most of the time I just play random melodies when I'm in my nowhere place, but somehow the music I make comesout with a nice melody. I guess I just have the music in my blood.

The sun was almost completely set, and I knew what that meant. Sooner or later, the partiers would take over these sand covered lands and start their flamboyant partying. Which I didn't mind, but I rarly got into the festivities too much.

With the sun setting quickly, a new companion by my side and an old one still in my grip, I waited for night to fall.

The End

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