Anna: The Sound of MusicMature

 I was taking a walk through the sandy shores of the beach; thinking about how the day had gone by. The beach had left lots of surprises for me to discover. Made a few friends, got invited to a party which I completely disliked, and came back to the beach; feeling comforted by the smell of the salty water and the cool wind. It’s quite surprising how you could feel at home in the places where you least expect it.

Just as I was staring at the sunset, I noticed a girl perched upon a rock, guitar in her hands, strumming a beautiful melody that was soothing to my ears. I walked over to her, listening to her play the guitar.

At once, I was taken into another world. Music was like magic to me. I completely adored it. I couldn’t go one day without listening to some music; it was like a daily ritual to me. God gifted me with the talent of singing; which I felt grateful for. I don’t like singing in front of others as I am shy in certain ways but at the same time, I couldn’t help but hum along with the guitar’s notes.

The girl looked up at me, acknowledging my presence but turned back to concentrate on her strumming. I sat down next to her on the sandy shore, bringing my knees to my chest, starting to sing aloud while enjoying the beauty that the sunset showered onto the beach.

Minutes passed and when she stopped playing, I looked up at her and found her staring at me.

“I couldn’t help but sing along. You play the guitar really well; I think I could keep listening to you play on the whole day.”

She smiled at me and didn’t talk to me as we both turned our heads to see the sun slowly set, making the water shimmer. It was beautiful and I was happy I’d made a friend who had something in common with me. 

The End

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