Maria: ShyMature

Whatever went through my mother's head was likely questionable, but then again I'm not sure I wanted to know. "Stop hiding inside! Go out and do something and get some fresh air. It's not healthy for someone to say inside forever..." And it sort of went on like that. I couldn't blame her actually since I've become rather unfriendly with people, or at least I think I have. 

I walked slowly back from the party, a party I regretted telling my family about which lead me into going. To a party. With people I don't know. Did I ever tell my mother I'm shy?

Lynetta, who I think is a friend of my friend or something like that, invited me. This entire thing said "Bad idea, Maria." Why I never listen to myself will never be answered, but I went anyway only to leave as quickly as I came. There were too many people for my liking though it's not like I'm a loner. People say I'm very social...once I get to know someone, of course. What can I say? I'm shy around strangers; the type of shy that puts a mouse to shame. And that's why I hate going to parties, mainly Lynetta's parties.

Sighing, I caught sight of the beach on my way home and it was rather breathe taking at the moment. "Well, I guess I should hang around there until whenever," I muttered to one but myself.

As I changed my direction towards the beach, I noticed there were some people still around even though there was a party going on, but it wasn't until after a while of scanning the place did I realize that there was a girl coming out of a cab who I knew.

Annabel? Or was it just Anna? Oh yeah, her name was Beatrice but people called her Anna, strangely enough. I thought I heard Lynetta say something about inviting the girl to her party, but I didn't think she would show and yet she did. But she didn't stay long; not a party person I guess. Oh well, at least I could go talk to her.

And make decent conversation to person I barely know. Great, I'm anxious...but I need to meet people, right? That or stay locked up in the house forever.

"Hi..." I said even though my head was screaming: "Let the shyness start!"

The End

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