Anna: Party Girl?Mature

"That's great. I'll try and come but I also have another party to attend. But I'll sure as hell try and 'party' here too."

I winked at Hayley and said to all of them, "See you guys later."

They waved bye at me as I walked off the beach to get a cab and find my way to Lynetta's party.


I'm not much of a party girl, really. I get invited to lots of parties but usually end up not going. When I showed up at Lynetta's, I had to through tons of people, squirming through the crowd to finally reach her.

"Who are all these people?" I yelled at her through the booming, loud music.

"Your friends!" She yelled back.

I looked around at the crowd and found myself glancing at strangers.


Lynetta grinned at me and muttered, "Just enjoy the party!!!"

I found myself doing the exact opposite.


I made my way to the beach dressed in a loose white t-shirt with knee length black jeans and flip-flops. My long black hair was put in a loose ponytail as I leaned back against the seat of the taxi. I don't really hang around the beach too much except when I feel like it, and when I do, I don't know exactly what to wear but don't really care how I look.

Back at Lynetta's party, I didn't quite enjoy myself. It was crowded with tons of people whose 'capacity' the house couldn't hold. I don't quite enjoy crowds; instead I like small gatherings. I should've suspected Lynetta might hold a party that big.

With a sigh, I got out the cab, payed him, and headed for the beach, hoping that maybe here, I'd find the party girl within.

The End

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