Mary: LonerMature

I didn't really know what was up today, but I guess I just wasn't in the jumpy mood that I was usually in. I'd come to the beach hoping to get out of the house to forget what had happened a couple days ago, and with some luck, I could meet up with some friends, but luck wasn't on my side today.

I was supposed to come with my friend, Jessica, but she bailed on me and said that she had a doctors appointment and that she couldn't come with me. After that, my mom suggested that I just go alone and that it was a good chance to 'meet new people.' That or she was just trying to get me out of the house because of recent activities.

Just about a month ago, me and my boyfriend, now ex, broke up and I guess he took it hard. I didn't really know what to do because he was mad and said that he never wanted to ever talk to me again. Ouch.

I sighed as I walked by some random biker that crashed into a girl, but I didn't bother, though I would've smacked the guy upside the head and asked what the hell his problem was.

I walked by some other people that were talking and tanning, I guess, and ended up pretty far away from everyone.

I'd always been a a loner in a new place. I'd be shy around people I don't know, but once I knew them I'd go wild! I'd get all bi-polar and stuff on them and crack some jokes, but not today. I sat down in my tank and shorts by the edge of the ocean and watched as the waves lapped at the sand, trying not to think of anything but the peace and quiet that now surrounded me.

I didn't know what to expect today though. I didn't really expect anything, but it was just a feeling that I got when something was about to happen. Hopefully it'd cheer me up from all this depression.

I crossed my fingers and made a silent wish that I hope would come true.

The End

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