Simon: introducing AndrewMature

"Hey Simon. That one of your mates?" Haley asks, pointing to a tall, blond guy throwing rocks into the sea just a bit down the shore. I glance over, and recognize him immediately.
"Yeah, that's Andrew." I turn towards him and yell, "Hey, Mandroid! Long-time-no-see!"
He turns, spots me, and waves,
"Hey! Simon! I was wondering when you would turn up!I like the goatee by the way! When did you grow that? The others with you then?"
"Wait, you mean it's just you here?" I look around, sure enough, none of the rest of the gang are to be seen.
"Dammit, where the hell are they?" Andrew says, angrily, throwing down the rest of the stones in his hand, then notices the two girls with me,
"Who's this, eh? Couple of new friends?"
"Well, kinda. This is Haley, and this is...Anna, was it?" She nods, "Anna and Haley, this is Andrew. He's friend from my old school, he's studying medicine now." Andrew shakes both of them by the hand, then turns back to me,
"So, you have any idea where the others are?"
I Shake my head, "Nope, these two were just helping me look. You're the first we've found."
Andrew nods, then turns to the two girls, "We'll be having a bit of a beach party when the other's finally turn up, you two want to join? Bring a couple of your friends if you want, there's a group of people your age invited anyway, so you won't be on your own."

The End

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