Kevin: my kinda luckMature

"Uhh."  Rose sighed," Just about everything you had." , I felt angry , and pretty sad that bike cost me a whole summer to get. I patted my  pockets down hoping they left something behind. I wanted to shout  in anger but kept my temper in just below turning into a homocidal maniac.

" Bastards!" I say loudly," I hope the get run over." I curse quitely knpowing my luck I will be helpiong some poor dude off the road with my bike trying not to be mean and just leave him there.

" Can't  believe people would do that in public." Rose said , and then I just remembered she was there.

"Ya." I said calming down fast before I look like an idiot," suppose I should tell my parents, and file a stolen thingy report." I say glumly.

"Do you need any help?" Rose, asks while her friend seems to be paying attention elsewhere.

" Ya, maybe some company would be nice."

The End

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