Laura: EmailMature

‘Laura! They changed the dress in the shop! : ( not fair. But I like one in the window now : ) XXx'

That was the text that woke me up this morning. Well not completely true I was semi awake. I gather up some energy and replied to her putting;

‘Have I ever told you that you're a random child? How do you know, aw I have a look later x'.

I placed my mobile back on my book, beside my bed and rolled back over knowing that I would be rolling back over soon. As if by magic my mobile played my message tune.

‘Yeah loads of times I think lol. And I went past it on the bus, had to come town to meet Joe lol XxXXxxXxxXxx'.

I smiled to myself knowing how true she really was. Charlotte. Charlotte my college friend, crossed fingers that we would be in the same class for level 3. Level 3 wow. Doesn't seem real sometimes, only last year I was signing up for level2 at college. Leaving the school behind me and going to college for the first time. So much had happened in one year, I wonder if I have changed?

Listening to my Ipod and waiting for anything interesting to appear in my hotmail inbox. Suddenly, a email appears out of nowhere. Quick as a flash I click on it. One word stood out the most, partly in big thick letters. It was a house partly, other then the word partly and the address to some random house, there was nothing about what the partly was for.

So should I go? Has anyone else got the email? I texted my best friend Kayleigh. Kayleigh well, she one of my longest friends really. School friends and college friends. She known's when I'm not happy or something wrong with me.

‘Working tonight crappy snowdome. Can't wait for my 18th birthday, me and you down town!' 

Not until April I thought looking though my wardrobe, I hated it sometimes that I was the baby of my group friends. I grabbed a shower and left my hair to curl.

Making my way over to the partly, I wondered what people were going to be like. Would they have brothers or sisters, how will they feel when I tell them that I'm a lonely child? If they did have brothers or sisters then they mostly gave me that look. Or would they blurt out the words; ‘You must be spoilt' or ‘You're lucky.'   

Why am I spoilt? Because I'm meant to get everything that I want? Well that's not true any child can be spoilt and I don't think that I am. Really I don't get everything that I want. Lucky? Why because I don't have to share anything or what?

My head was still bussing sorting my emotions out when I rang the door bell. I was nervous; meeting new people wasn't a strong point. Normally, I would have liked one of my friends to be with me. The door opened and a girl smiled at me.

"Hiya, I'm Hayley." The girl greeted me, she seemed nice.

"Hi, I'm Laura." I replied smiling to the nervous slowly going away. "Erm. I don't actually know who scent the email, or even how I ended up getting one." I admitted to her, thinking that I'm not the popular girl never have been. Yep total random. 


The End

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