Hayley: New PeopleMature

"I was wondering if I could make new friends today and found the perfect opportunity. My nickname is Anna. And you guys are?" The girl who bumped into me says with a smile on her face. I frown at her.

She seems alright but you can never be too sure. "I'm Simon and this is Hayley." Simon says with a smile. I roll my eyes, today they are more green then blue or hazel but anyone can still see those colours still shining when the sun reflects them.

Anna smiles happily. "Do you live around here?" She asks, her voice light. I shrug."I live not too far away. He don't." I say, still looking at the girl. I know it's weird but I'm trying to judge her character like Rachel can.

I nod, she's okay. Passed my jugdement anyway. "So what are you twodoing today?" Anna asks, the smile never leaving her face. "I'm going to find some of my friends." Simon says simply. I nod. "And I'm helping. Not very well but I'm helping." 

"Wanna help us find them? Three sets of eyes are better then two." I say smiling at her. She nods. "Sounds fun." She says I laugh and start walking again. I like this girl, she's cool.

We haven't walked that far but I can see someone who fits Simons description. "Hey Simon. That oneof your mates?" I ask, pointing to a guy throwing rocks into the sea.

The End

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