Anna: Interruptions & New MeetingsMature

Before she could introduce herself to me, my phone started ringing. I jumped up in alarm and laughed. "Didn't expect that."

Picking up, I muttered "Hello."

"Hey, how long are you gonna be at the beach?" Lynetta's voice rang in my ear. She's a close friend of my mine and she usually knew where I was without me even telling here which used to freak me out a lot but she has her ways of keeping tabs on people.

I smiled and said back, "A while. Why? Is something up?"

"Yeah. I'm holding a party back at my house in around an hour or so. Was wondering if you could come. You could bring along a couple of friends too, if you want."

I glanced at the girl beside me. "Sure...I will."

"Alright, see you there!"

Snapping my phone shut I turned back to her. "My friend Lynetta, is holding a party. I guess you could come if you want to."

"In this condition? No way." 

I shrugged at her. "Alright. But I'll give you her address anyways. And what's your name again?"

"Victoria..." She muttered back. 

I smiled at her and left once I gave her my phone number and the address to Lynetta's house. I had a feeling she might change her mind and show up. Who knows?

As I was walking down the beach, not really looking where I was headin', I bumped into a girl and we both fell down. She scowled at me as we got up.

"I'm really sorry...I didn't mean to bump into you like that."

"This day doesn't get any better does it?" She muttered under her breath. Nonetheless, I heard her.

With a smile, I said, "I was wondering if I could make new friends today and found the perfect opportunity. My nickname is Anna. And you guys are?"


The End

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