Hayley: IdiotMature

"Huh, d'you say something?" Simon asks, turning his back on the strategicly perfect balcony. I shrug and quicken my pace towards the shop where my friends are. It's not 'cause of my question, I just asked how old he was, but because I've just seen some people I know.

"Hey, where's the fire?" Simon asks matching my pace. "No fire, just some people I know." I say once we're in the small shop. I scan the place for Rachels blond hair or Eithnes tall figure.

I see them and quickly go over there, Simon following behind me. Poor dude, he must be confused, with me running around like this. "Rach, they are here. I just saw them on the beach." I say in a rush. For a while Rachel looks confused and so does Eithne.

"I knew it!" Rachel says with a smile on her face. "I knew he wasn't busy, lying git." I say, Eithne finally getting who we are on about. "Wait, the guys are actually here?" Eithne says confused. I laugh and nod.

"Wanna go and say hi?" Eth asks, picking up a necklace. I scrunch up my nose, I'm not in the mood to talk to them lot and knowing Rachel she'll wanna find out why they lied. "`You guys can, I'm gonna stay around here." I mutter to them.

They both give me pleading looks but soon shrug and walk out the shop. I turn back to Simon and smile apoligetically. "Sorry 'bout that." I mumble, Simon just shrugs trying not to seem interested but I can see the coriousty in his eyes.

I sighand start to walk around the cool shop. "So." Simon says from behind me, making me jump. I shake my head, knowing that I jump way too easily. "So." I repeat. We stand there in silence for a bit. "C'mon, your mates might be on the beach by now." I say while walking out the shop.

After a few minuets of scaning the crowds in silence, I trip again. My mouth full of sand. I sit up kinda pissed off. I spit out the sand and whip the graines off my face and out my tied up hair.

"You really need to watch where you're going." Simon says offering his hand to me. I ignore itand get to my feet. I scowl at him, knowing he's probably thinking what an idiot I am. I storm away, kicking the sand as I go. I shake my head. There goes my no-losing-my-temper bet with Alex. I shrug, at least I didn't hit someone like last time.

"Hey wait up!" Simon calls and jogs to catch up with me. I'm such an idiot, I should of gone with Rachel and Eithne then when I made a fool outta my self they would care too much 'cause they're used to it.

Me and Simon walk in silence, the scowl never leaving my face. "So, how old are you?" Simon asks after a while. I slow my pace and let down my light brown hair. "Fourteen, you?" I ask after a while, angry at myself for thinking that I could meet a new friend at the beach.

The End

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