Simon: just keep walkin'Mature

One Haley has got back to her feet, we keep walking.
"So, before I stacked it like the clutts I am, you were going to say where you're from? 'Cause I'm sure ya aint an Essex dude."
"Ach, hell no. I'm a scot. From Edinburgh though, so I've missed out on the accent." Walking with Haley is getting just a wee bit weird, I keep feeling like she just might be hitting on me, and she can't be older than fifteen by my reckoning.
"So why you here then? Just enjoying the sun?" I ask, still searching the crowded sand for my friends,
"Yeah, I love the sea too." Again I notice that she's a bit quieter, and drops her accent a little when not talking to her friends. Completely normal, but noticeable.

As I look around, a particular balcony catches my attention. It's a corner balcony, three stories up, on the top floor; roof tiles behind it, full view of the beach and promenade, pefect escape route over the rooftops and down the scaffolding a few streets down or a short jump from the end house onto the huge cliff overlooking the beach, from where you had another excellent angle. A perfect sniping position.
I shake my head, 'God, there I go again, you have problems, kid.' Focusing again on the real world, I notice that Haley is giving me a slightly inquisitive look, as if she just asked a question, I must have completely missed it.
"Huh, d'you say something?" I ask, turning my back on the strategicly perfect balcony.

The End

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