Rose: You alright?Mature

I sigh, leaning my head back onto the lilo. It was gloriously sunny day on the beach, even better with my best freind Chloe. Suddenly, I heard a boy shouting and Chloe screaming at the same time. I shot my glance at Chloe realising that it was just a massive wave. I then got swept off my float into the ice cold sea, but I loved it - its the best bit about being on the beach. The bright blue sea. I forgot about the boy for a minute until I heard the same shout for help. I called Chloe over whilst looking around for a guy in need of help.

My eyes glanced over the promenade down onto the beach, then I saw him. He looked about our age, and he looked like he was getting mugged. They were taking his wallet and keys, then they walked upto the lockers and... uh,oh, they took his bike. By this time, Chloe was here and I quickly told her what happened. We ran up to the shore and on to the beach, I saw him immediatly and ran up to him.

"Are you alright? That was some mugging you got!" I said, looking at him.

"Ahh, my neck. It's killing me." He replied.

"Wait a second... I know you! your the guy who just jumped of the cliff onto that girl." Chloe exclaimed.

" You need a hand up?" I continued. He took my hand and got up, limping a bit.

"I'm Rose and this is Chloe" I told him

"Hi, I'm Kevin" he said. " Well... What did they take?"

"Uhh..." I sighed as we walked down the beach.

The End

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