Kevin:I feel likeMature

It was the familiar face of a really olf friend of mine, Cayden.Why the hell is he being nice after 5 years of refusing to acknowledge I exist.

"Helloo, Kevin. How have you beem?" He asks like he hasn't seen me in quite some time.

"Uh, hi Cayden, I'm fine little soar. You?" I ask.

"Well, i'm good i'm gonna head up agian soon, bike then well you know smoke some.."

"I don't smoke Cayden, No thanks." I say knowing what he wanted was somebody to make sure he doesn't die when he is biking all drugged up. Isn't really fun already , why spoil it with drugs? I walk away wondering where that girl was, I still felt pretty bad about hitting her, I mean sure it would hurt but I was sorry and there wasn't a need to take it out one someone who was trying to help. I couldn't see her in sight at all. crap I probably look like such a shithead now.

After a few more minutes and give up realizing I had forgotten what she looked like. I got all my biking gear off and stored in a locker.  Trying to forget the earlier incident I start off on a mission of finding a new friend, well because I was going nowhere till about six, and despite the fact I love talking I never get along with my own peers this could take forever.  First few steps on the beach i'm hit rate off my heels into where my head is imprinted and I can't breath or here.I start flailing trying get whoever was on me off.

The End

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