"HEADS UP!" I heard someone yell and I whirled around, chocolate muffin in hand. The guy on the bike went sailing into the air while the bike ran over a girl nearby. I winced at the sight. Would that hurt or what?

After hearing their unpleasant conversation I saw the girl walk off and sit on a bench. The guy just looked at her, mumbling something. I wondered who I should go to and with a sigh, walked over to the girl.

"Hey, anyone sat there?" I asked her with a smile on my face even though I knew the answer to the question...


She looked up at me and shook her head. I sat down next to her and glanced at her as she rubbed her ankle with her hands.


"I saw what just happened. You alright?"


"Do I look alright?"


I shrugged and leaned back.


 "Just seemed like you were kinda harsh to the guy."


 "Oh yeah? How would you feel if you got run over by a bike?"


 I glanced at her and saw her glaring at me.


 With a sigh, I smiled at her and extended my hand.


 "I'm Beatrice. But I'd prefer if you call me Anna. And you are…?"



The End

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