Hayley: Another TripMature

"M-Most people g-go to the the beach to, er, meet up." I mumble, wincing at myself for stuttering. I look to the floor, knowing my face is bright red. I'm always like this with new people, I stutter, then go red, then make a utter fool of myself. Not good.

I look at Rachel and she smiles at me warmly, I smile back at look at the guy. He smiles at me. "I've just come from there." He says. I nod and look out at the sea. I love the sea, I love the way it shines and looks so inviting.

I remember one time, when I was young, my sister buried me in the sand so I could be 'one with the sea'. I smile, remembering that day. "Chappers? Hello?" Eithne towers over me, waving a hand in my face.

"What?" I ask, my voice turning back to normal. It's strange. New people always class me as quiet, but I'm not. I can talk for england if someone gets me on a subject.

"Chappers?" Simon says smiling. I scratch my arm. "It's my nickname." I say, my voice stronger but not like it usually is around my friends. "So, what do your friends look like?" Rachel asks him. Simon tells us and I'm already scanning the crowds of people for them.

"I think we'll have to walk around a bit to find them." I say, giving up the scanning search. Rachel starts walking towards the other shop with Eithne next to her. I follow after them, walking with Simon. "So, where are you from?" He asks me politely. I look at him then at my feet. "Essex, Billericay." I say.

Most people think that in Essex, everyone is a chav but me and my mates are the exceptions to that. I can talk like a chav sometimes but that's just the way I talk, it's nothing like I really am.

"Where are you from?" I ask him, looking at him again. He opens his mouth to reply when I trip over my feet. I fall to the floor at wince at my clumseyness. It's never good falling in public, especially when you're trying to act cool around a person you've just met. "Are you okay?" Simon asks, helping me up. I nod. "I'm good. I suppose after so many trips, ya get used to it." I say, smiling at him.

He smiles back and we start walking again. "So, before I stacked it like the clutts I am, you were going to say where you're from? 'Cause I'm sure ya aint an Essex dude." I say, smiling. 

The End

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