I smiled to myself. There was nothing like sitting on a sunny beach, with a good book on my lap and the sun shining down on me.

My friends called me weird for reading on my own in public, but I didn't mind. People walked past me, but I didn't take them in. My head was full of 'Salem Falls' the book I was reading. 

After a while though, the sun got a bit too much. When you burn like I do, you realise sometimes its best to give up and head to the shade.  I stood up, putting my book into my beach bag, and as I did I heard a shout.


I turned round to see someone heading towards me on his bike. It all happened so fast, I didn't have time to move. One second I was standing watching him come closer, and the next I was on the floor, sand everywhere.

"You alright?" he asked, walking over. 

"Just fine."I snapped, "Nice trick kid, maybe next time you should give people heads up before you drop in." 

I didn't mean to sound nasty, but being run over by a bike kind of made me moody.

"Maybe you shouldn't hang around the landing there is a sign you know." I heard him say as I walked away. 

My ankle ached as I walked, so I sat down on a bench in the shade. I pressed it gently, and it throbbed. 

"Ouch." I muttered to myself.

"Hey, anyone sat there?" 

I looked up at the stranger and shook my head.

The End

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