Kevin: BikingMature

The van starts, and the music explodes with ," All I want is a little of the good life, All I need is to have a good time!"  I cover my hears but not the smile growing on my face. Its a good song to listen to before you go downhilling on your full suspenion bike.  As the van speeds up a large dirt hill to the top of powerhouse plunge, in about 20 minutes of loud playing music and dirt hills we hit our destination, a trail marker read crank it up ,and put our gear on. Shin pads, torso and arm gaurds, and a full face, then I'm ready.  I get on the bike the fist few pedal strokes a hard but afterwards the bike and are moving down a muddy dirt trail at full speed, taking air and going as fast as possible. At the bottom a 15 foot drop awaits and I had a choice hit the breaks with a death grip or pedal as fast as possible and hope for the best.

I took to long to think about it to stop so I pedal despite the fact I was shaking inside full of fear and adrenaline. My bike leaves the dirt trail and enters the realm of the air, with the adrenaline pumping through my body time seems to slow as I look to see the beach full of people on the landing.  Now was a bad time to begin yelling at them.

" HEADS UP!" I yell. and people see  me coming but the time they had to react  was very small.  My bike hits the ground the shocks all compressing making the landing completly smooth I put the back breaks on but to still endup hitting someone pretty fast. I'm launched off the bike into air to hit the sand. This all would have been great if those idiots weren't hanging around the drop. I picked myself up and ran to the person I had basically ran over.

"You alright?" I ask.

"Just fine.", the girl brushes herself," Nice trick kid maybe next time you should give people heads up before you drop in."  She says with venom

"Maybe you shouldn't hang around the landing there is a sign you know." I say snidely as she leaves.

"Stupid stuck up b.."I mumble before getting interupted

"You alright there?" they say," That was good air by the way." I look up to see who it is.

The End

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