Me, Eithne and Rachel are laying in the sun on the beach. "Where's the others gone?" Eithne says, looking around for the others. I smile and shake my head. "Eth,they went around ten minuets ago to get food." I say, closing my eyes.

Rachel and Eithne start talking and I've tuned out, I normally do on a hot day like this. I've got my black shorts and white strap top on, hoping to get a tan. "Chappers, what do you think?" Eithnes voice brings me back.

"What we talking about?" I say, opening my eyes and looking at them. "Wanna go walking and leave the guys for a while?" Rachel asks, I smile at her and get to my feet brushing off the sand on my legs.  I get my phone out of my pocket  and text the guys, telling them that we'll meet them here in half an hour.

We walk over to the chip shop and buy a drink and seperate bags of chips for ourselves. "Hmmm. Idon't care that the guys are buying food, I'm hungry." Eithne says while eating. I laugh and nod in agreement. "Hell yeah."

I turn around and bump into someone, droping my drink and chips onto the floor. I frown down at it then scowl at the person who bumped into me. "Watch wear you're going." I snap. Normally I wouldn't say a thing, I would just go red or something.

I don't talk to some stranger like that, hell, I don't say anything to people I don't know. I look down at my chips on the floor and frown, I sigh and look at the person who bumped into me.

"I'm Hayley." I mumble, going red.



The End

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