Sammy: Chasing and MissingMature

As soon as I felt myself getting smushed I pushed whoever it was off and I chased them angrily. They were shouting back apologies but I kept chasing, unable to tell who it was in the near dark.

I quickly ran out of breath so I turned around and walked back to my chair breathing heavily and muttering unintelligable things under my breath furiously. When I returned I looked through everything that had been dumped on the ground. Nothing was missing. I then rubbed my eyes tiredly. Then I realized my glasses were missing! No wonder i couldn't see who I was chasing.

I searched one more time but nothing was evident. I growled in a very upset matter. I then walked over to the nearby girls on the rock. There was another girl there now. I tried to keep as much of my boiling hot anger out of my voice as I could when I asked if they had seen any glasses laying around. They shook their heads and said no. I asked if anyone had been near my chair while i was absent. Obviously some venom had seeped into my voice because they noticably flinched.

Like the person I am I cut off the bitter angry feelings and apologized. The girl nearest me (the new one) introduced herself as Hayley. I nodded introduced myself and the one with the guitar muttered her name as Lindz and went back to playing. The last girl cheerily told me her name was Anna. From the way she was sitting I could tell that she had come even less recently than the new girl. I thought for a moment and remembered that she had left then returned.

I gave an exsasperated sigh and asked if they were sure they had not seen my glasses. Everything was a little bit fuzzy and I hated the feeling that they could exchange looks without me really seeing them. Then Anna spoke up "I think the person smushing you had them. I thought I caught a glimpse of light off something in their hand and it may have been you're glasses." I thanked her happily and the other girl, oh what was her name, oh yeah, Hayley said she'd help me go look. 

So we set off in pursuit of my missing glasses and the mysterious theif I never even saw.

The End

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