After a while I walk out of the house with some of the people I've met earlier on today. I smile shyly at the girl who earlier, I opened the door to. "So, we going to the beach party then?" I ask, becoming more confident around these lot.

They nod and I smile, leading the way.

We get to the beach and hear music playing near a small fire where a few people have crowded. We head over there and I greet everyone.

"I'm going for a walk otherwise I'll come attached to the fire. Be back in a bit." I say to the girl that I shyly smiled at earlier (I've already forgotten her name not good!)

I walk towards the sea, taking my shoes off and feeling the cool water splash onto them. I smile and take a big breath of sea air. I love the beach! Oh, I'm glad I put my bikin on under this.

I drive, well I try to it's more of a bellyflop seens as I can't dive, and swim out into the ocean. I giggle as I float on my back after swiming to the shore and back a few times. I've always wanted to swim at night and now I am, fully clothed.

Shame Rachel and Eithne aren't here we could of had a laugh. Last time we went swimming at the beach, they both got stung by jellyfish and refused to swim that far out which was a shame.

I sit up and swim back to the shore just as a someone is squishing a girl in her chair. Poor girl. But by the look on her face, I think she'll get her own back pretty quickly.

I get out of the water, panting and shaking my head like a dog does after the get wet.

I run my hands through my curling hair and am about to walk towards the fire when I hear music. Someone playing guitar and someone else singing. I follow the sound and sit down near them.

"Ya wow good!" I say as soon as they finish.

"Thanks." They mutter.

"Sorry if I'm intruding on ya ...band time or whatever. Just heard ya and wanted to say ya good. I'm Hayley by the way." I say and smile at them. They smile back at me.

One girl opens her mouth to say something but gets interupted by an angry scream. We all turn to see the girl who was trapped in the chair running after the one who trapped her in there.

I started to laugh. That girls doing exactly what I would of done. Apart from I would of thrown the chair at them but hey, she'll get her own back.

The End

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