Rose Zakuro

“Ahh, perfect.” I smiled as I dangled from the ship’s rails. The view from this topsy-turvy angle was rather weird and the blood rushing to my head mad me slightly dizzy. So, stretching my arms I flipped over the rails, back to the deck, smiling at some gasps I got as I performed a perfect somersault.

My name’s Rose and I am a half-Asian woman. My full name is Rose Zakuro Lee. I’m on this cruise because I love to be lazy, I also work here as a performer. I sing, dance, juggle and even play with fire. Well, I also love to feel the wind in my rather short hair and the sound of the sea, lapping against the sides of the ship. This is the life for me.

I was still wearing my tight spandex that I wore for gymnastics, so, I decided it was about time to take it off so I headed down to my suite where I could change into something more comfortable. I shouldn’t spend too long resting but... a few hours of TV couldn’t hurt till my next performance tonight.

The End

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