Damn in, Raven, get a hold of yourself! Sea legs, sea legs...

The suffocating stench of saltwater assaults my nostrils, the slow, rhythmic rocking of the boat flipping my stomach. I grip tightly onto the guard rail, knuckles white.  Steadying myself, I inhale deeply and gaze out at the vast ocean. The boat sways violently, throwing me off guard. I hit the deck of the boat with a sickening thud, people around me oblivious to my pain as they enjoy the luxuries of the cruise liner. I crawl back towards the rail and heave myself up, brushing my shoulders.

THIS is fun?!

Edging my way steadily along the cold metal rail to the nearest door, I recieve some strange looks from humans passing by. I throw them off, and continue my advance towards the door. Throwing myself inside, I knock over a display stall of perfumes. The ear piercing sound of shattering glass reverberates around the sophisticated shop, and grinds the movement of passengers to a halt. I fel all eyes on me, boring into the back of my head. Slowly I turn, only to come face to face with the shop assistant.

"I am so, SO sorry! I- I didn't mean to, I swear!" I stutter.

"Well, what do you plan on doing about this? Sit and wallow in self pity, or pay for it?" She growls.

"I guess...Um..." Reluctantly I pull out my bag, handing her the small, plasic card I 'obtained' some time earlier.

Great start, Raven.

The End

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