Protag. Cruiser

Think human... It'll all be fine if you just think human... 

Ashton shivered as he thought this. He hated rejoining human society for however long it would be. He wanted to throw off this... Form. He walked along the deck of the skip, allowing the brisk Southampton air to fill his lungs. The cruiser itself was huge; a gargantuan beast created to convey the bumbling human populace on the holidays they had waited a year to get on. It held enough rooms for 2000 people; 2 theatres, 5 restaurants and 3 pubs, along with as many shops as you could desire.

The chill air suddenly got to him as a huge gust blew his coat up around his head, so he ducked inside. He looked at the map and sighed. He was on the wrong side of the ship and the completely wrong deck for his cabin. Trudging solemnly through the plush interior of the ship, he made his way there, dripping onto the luxurious carpets.

Entering his room, he sighed in contentment. Despite hating humans because of his inability to mix with them, he loved how they kept creating new ways to be relax themselves. The bed, memory foam and with built in massager. 50" TV, wall mounted with Sky, Sky+, Sky HD and Sky+ HD built in as standard. He removed his coat and trudged into the wet room, a jacuzzi come bath inlaid into the floor black faux marble floor. Changing into dry clothes, he flopped onto the bed and turned the television on. 

This is how life should be.

The End

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