Prompt Competition.

Write a 200-500 word short scene or story based on the prompt you choose.

Okay, I'll give you guys a list of prompts, you need to pick one and write 200-500 words.

Sound easy? It is!

1) He clapped sarcastically at her.

2) Why on earth did he look so damn pleased with himself?

3) The flames licked her finger, leaving no mark.

4) She pushed back her tears and let out a cry of outrage.

5) "So, what do you say?" he asked.

6) "I would never hurt her!" he yelled.

7) "I'm only 15." she said quietly.

8) "I hate her."

9) "That hurt."

10) "He looked at me, it was strange."

Pick one, state the number that you have picked, write a short scene or story!

I'll judge. Closing date to be determined.

The End

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