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He looked down at me with eyes as dark as his own soul, uncaring, unflinching and so hell bent on revenge that I really didn’t stand a chance. But everyone has an instinct to live, don’t they? Even as they are on death’s doorstep they will fight until the very last moment, until all is lost and nothing more can be done. That is why I was now pleading for my life, despite the fact that a part of me knew it was pointless.

‘I didn’t know,’ I whispered pathetically. 

He aimed another kick at my face, sending pain straight through my head, centred at my cheekbone. My vision clouded and my ears rang. I couldn’t even reach for my face thanks to the uncomfortable position my hands were tied in, behind me.

‘I ask you one simple thing,’ he spat at me. His saliva hit my cheek and I tried not to flinch as it trailed down past my jaw. I was hurting, both emotionally and physically. I felt drained and briefly wondered to myself if I should just give up, if now was my time to go. Without warning, her face flashed through my mind. Her beautiful, angelic features staring up at me, those wide blue eyes depicting nothing but innocence. The most staggering sense of loss and grief tore through me, rendering me speechless. 

It was then I realized I had nothing to live for. I could beg and plead all I liked, for all the good that it would do but it wouldn’t bring Leah back would it? I just had to make him kill  me quickly, painlessly, so all this heartache, these problems and disasters would come to a final end and I could be with her.

I noticed from where I was laying a gun attached to the man’s belt. 

‘Yet you could not do it,’ he continued. ‘You’re so incapable of even the slightest task. You’re useless, you’re nothing.’

You’re not nothing… Leah’s voice breezed through my mind. A part of me was aware that I was going crazy, the other just felt an overwhelming sense of joy and love course through me at hearing her voice. It had been so long.

‘You killed Leah,’ my voice came out broken, raw. ‘I don’t want that to happen to me.’

He crouched on his haunches, grabbed me roughly by the chin and jerked my head up to face him. 

‘Tough luck.’

He withdrew the gun from his belt.

‘You screwed up.’

Aimed it at my head.

‘And I don’t give second chances.’

The most deafening sound ensued and the world exploded into light.



word count: 441 words

The End

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