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This is, yet again, a continuation, of my other entries, so I would suggest checking out my When and Adventure's Unite entires before reading this one.


I slammed the door against the crescendo of noise. The thing pounded. Slamming everything it had against the thin planks of wood.

I'd been on the run from the troops that had been chasing me for so long. They had gotten close, so I had ducked into an outlet to evade them. The locals had described it as a hithichi, or an area of excessive amounts of magic. It hadn't worried me too much. The fact that magic even existed still took some catching up in my head, so a little more didn't seem like a big deal.

When I had started into the mountain pass it had been a rather lovely stroll. Bright sun shone brightly above me, tall green grass licked my knees, blossoming trees sprouted everywhere and birds fluttered through the air, letting out sweet songs of spring.

Then I had rounded the crest of a rather large hill.

The temperature plummeted. Overhead was an ink black sky, dotted only with points of red light, all staring down at me as though eyes. Looking for it's prey.

The land had changed. The trees were dead, twisted gnarled roots more than true plants. The ground was charred, as though recently burned. And the world echoed. Everything echoed something. Talking. Laughing. Screaming.

And I was utterly alone. Until she appeared. It was a young woman. Strolling up to me. Blond hair blowing in the wind, white dress clinging tightly to her chest. I grinned, hugging her tightly when she reached me.

We chatted pleasantly for a long time. The echoes faded away, as though background conversations at a party. I felt as though I was part of something bigger. Something fantastic.

Suddenly my wrist shot a surge of pain through my arm. It wasn't just an annoyance anymore, the wound in my wrist seemed to have gained some sort of sentience. We didn't always get along, but it had made it clear, it wanted me alive. And the message was clear. Everything was an illusion.

I focused my head. Reached out to the abundant sources of energy all around me and calmed my mind.

There was no more girl in front of me. A hunched hideous monster stood in her place. Large teeth gnashed. Black claws preened in front of a malformed chest. Enormous red eyes, uncountable in their entirety, stared at me. Hungry. Without a second thought I whipped my sword across it's face. It hadn't met flesh.

It had chased me into this haphazardly placed cabin. The perfect setting for any horror movie. It was even surrounded on all sides by a miniature swamp.

I could hear more of them coming. No footsteps. Only the grinding of teeth.

It'd been an interesting life. Once I'd gotten to the Otherworld that is. Life on Earth had been boring. Utterly dull, normal, and insanely boring. I'd just been so average. An average high school student with high in the sky dreams, sentenced to years of junior college. And this world was full of so many new things to see. To learn. To fight.

I'd have taken the boring life any day.

'Might as well go out in style,' I thought, jumping back from the door, a sword balanced expertly in one hand.

The door flew open.

The world went silent.

All I could see was light.

White light.


Word Count: 559

The End

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